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Travel Visa

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While traveling in the USA as an EU resident you will be required to get an ESTA travel visa. You can apply for this on the official ESTA application website.

If you are a US citizen traveling in Western Europe you do not need a visa for a visit that is less then 3 months.


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It is a top priority of mine to keep my guests safe during the trip. We will be learning how to hike safely and responsibly in the backcountry. 

On self-guided trips there will be safety information provided, including information about local trail conditions, weather, and animal life. We strongly recommend you follow the safety tips we provide.

Group size

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We have a maximum group size of 10 people in order to keep our impact on the environment as small as possible. This limit also ensures that we can provide the best experience for you.

Hiking LEvels

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California Emigrant Wilderness:

  • Advanced - large changes in elevation and 10 - 15 km per day
  • Little to no experience needed, other than a good condition


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We recommend that you get travel insurance. 

If you have any questions you can contact me or your insurance policy holder.


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We currently do not provide all equipment you need for the trip. 

You and your party will need your own:

  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping mat
  • tent and tarp
  • clothing
  • hiking shoes and socks

We can guide you in the rental of this gear if you don't have it already.

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