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your guide to the wild

Hello, my name is Zack! Born and raised in southern California, I grew up loving the outdoors, going on many hikes and camping trips out into the wilderness. After moving to The Netherlands I started exploring the European wilderness and found a whole new wonderful hiking environment. I am excited to share my experience and guide you on trips of your own! 

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Spoor Hiking, Camp Lake, California, Zack Tell

Zack Tell, SpoorHiking, California Coast
Spoor Hiking, Zermatt, Zack Tell

I am also an avid skier and have been skiing all over the USA for all my life.
Zermatt was my first ski trip in Europe; what a beautiful mountain.

Spoor Hiking, California

Me and my dad on my first backcountry trip!

Spoor Hiking, Norway, Lofoten, Zack Tell

your guide to the wild

Hello, my name is Zack and I grew up in Southern California, hiking and camping many weekends with the Boy Scouts. It is there that I gained my love of the outdoors and hiking in the backcountry. As I got older, I started to go on longer camping trips and hikes, spending countless nights under the stars in the mountains. I learned and passed on what I learned to groups of younger scouts and helped new generations of hikers experience the wilderness.  I have taken many wilderness leadership classes along with wilderness first aid and rescue classes. Over the past 20 plus years hiking, camping, and backpacking, my passion has taken me to many places (USA: California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana,  Virginia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee; Europe: England, Ireland, France, Italy, Norway, Germany, Belgium; Other countries: Japan, Canada, and Mexico).

After moving to The Netherlands in early 2013 I went out to find the outdoors I grew up with. I am exploring the Ardennes, Ireland's rugged countryside and the western Alps. I have found a rich and beautiful hiking environment, and I would like to share my love for the outdoors and help others access the joy and beauty it has to offer. I look forward to seeing you on my next trip!