Due to the spread of the Corona Virus Spoor Hiking is suspending all trips (guided and self guided), to be rescheduled at a later date. Hopefully we can come together and get through these hard times.

Spoor Hiking, Blue Ridge Parkway



Offering guided backpacking and camping trips in the Ardennes & French Alps and two yearly trips to the Sierra Nevada in California.

2020 hiking season now available with our 6-day California backpacking trip


Can't wait to see what amazing hiking trips Spoor Hiking has in store? Click below to see what destinations, duration, experience levels and prices Spoor Hiking offers. Ranging from easy to advanced and day trips to camping, Spoor Hiking offers something for everyone!

Why choose us?

With Spoor Hiking you get the personal touch and an experienced guide. We are here to guide you through the wilderness, bring people together and create a closer connection to nature. With us you will not only get to experience backpacking in the wild; you will also learn the skills you need to know to do so responsibly. 

Spoor Hiking, Nederland

Our Mission

To make the wilderness more accessible.

Spoor Hiking, Glendlough, Ireland

Leave No Trace

We follow the seven principles of leave no trace.

Spoor Hiking, Kings Canyon, California

Experienced Guide

22 years of backpacking experience

Spoor Hiking, Redwood, California

Breathtaking Nature

Check out the places we visit

Do you know how to read a map and use a compass? Learn orienteering along the way or hone your skills.


Spoor Hiking, Ireland
Spoor Hiking, Zermatt
Spoor Hiking, Zack Tell, Kings Canyon
Spoor Hiking, California
Spoor Hiking, Appalachion Mountains
Spoor Hiking, Zack Tell, Half Moon Bay



Have you ever wanted to go hiking in the beautiful California backcountry? Now is your chance; join me on an outdoor adventure through the wilderness.

Spoor Hiking, Emigrant Wilderness
Spoor Hiking, Camp Lake, Emigrant Wilderness, California
Spoor Hiking, Zack Tell, Bear Lake
Spoor Hiking, Ireland

Need more information?

Feel free to email to info@spoorhiking.com for any questions and queries you might have regarding the hiking trips Spoor Hiking offers or for more information on putting your own hiking trip together.